Name Meaning

The Chinese pronunciation of '5' and '1' is:  Wǔ yào. It means: I want. 51 = I Want The Chinese pronunciation of '给予' is: Jǐ yǔ. It means: Give. 给予=Give 51Give = I Want to Give


51Give = נאgive = Please-give

51 is the Hebrew numerical value of the word נא (Nah) which means ‘please’ in english. The 2 Hebrew letters נ and א added together becomes 51.


In Genesis chapter 19, verse 18 it explains the Hebrew word נא (pronounced Nah) is an expression of REQUEST. נא: לשון בקשה


Which means that 51Give is also Please-give.


The classics commentator on the Bible known as Rashi (born ACE: 1040) explains the depth of this word. When one gives humbly and selflessly their time and care to others and the earth, one can receive blessings personally and professionally in one’s life. By giving yourself to serve the world and reminding others to give, one creates the perfect vessel to receive the gifts from the highest universal energy.

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