Contribute To Charity, Recruitment Of Local Heroes

Beijing 51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre

Feb 2, 2020

Project Description

Local Hero Volunteer Service

51Give Local Hero is a leader who has leadership ability to lead volunteers to do public welfare in their area. A local hero leads the voluntary team to carry out public welfare activities in a way suitable for themselves. People of all ages can become our local heroes to contribute to the public welfare, and have a profound influence on other people and on our society. We provide them with a platform to share their ideas and public welfare activities.

What Can Volunteers Do?

Volunteers help do many things!

1. Join 51give team

2. Attend our 51give events

3. Help organise our 51give events

4. Help write 51give articles

5. Help translate documents that support the cause

6. Make music videos

7. Make videos and promotional material

8. Help promote 51give activities

9. Help with fundraising - companies and individuals

10. Advocate for more legal and governmental protection of social issues

11. Help increase public awareness by spreading our articles

12. Notify media of our positive actions

13. Spread positivity and love everyday

14. Care about social issues and use positive, loving methods

15. Support Peace, Harmony and Love

16. Strive together to create a better Earth, a prosperous China!

51Give Local Heroes shall be awarded‘Volunteer Service Certificate’ issued by 51Give.

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Local Hero
Ms. April Back
Ms. Maloles Cabrera
Miss Catherina
Mr. Chris Barden
Mr. Cao Lijun (Arnie)
Mr. Fu Biao
Ms. Pauline van Hasselt
Miss Ivonilde
Mrs. Vanessa Jencks
Mr. Sahr Johnny
Mr. Dev Kumar
Miss Lin Xiuyi
Miss Liu Liang
Miss Liu Xiaoping
Mr. Nis Peter Lorentzen
Mr. Toby Loyola
Nonna Mila
Mr. Collins Moses Nandonde
Mr. Philip Newbreed
Mr. Dev Raturi
Miss Sophie Rosales
Mr. Collins Mta Sibanda
Mr. Dennis Schenk
Mr. Terrance Thomas
Mrs. Kareena Rambocus
Mr. Trevor
Etienne W.
Mr. Wang Hang
DJ Taline (Mr. Sam Wilson)
Ms. Yao Wenhui
Miss Yang Ruicheng
Miss Yuying
Miss Zhang Can (Shirley)
Ms. Zhang Yan
Miss Zhu Puchun
Mr. Zhao Qiang

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