Contribute To Charity, Recruitment Of Hero Motivators

Beijing 51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre

Feb 2, 2020

Project Description

Hero Motivator Volunteer Service

51Give Hero Motivator encourages people to think and act actively by quoting famous sayings full of sunshine and positive energy or self-created articles to encourage others to do good and public welfare for the society. We encourage people to share their knowledge on our platform about how to become a valuable member of society, how to include social good in one’s life, and influence more people to join the team of doing public welfare. As long as people can do this, anyone can become our hero motivator. Many issues in life can be resolved by how you view the challenges and what your reactions are. We motivate everyone to always choose the highest path.

51Give Hero Motivators shall be awarded‘Volunteer Service Certificate’ issued by 51Give.

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Hero Motivators
Raven Roytblat
Sue Northcott

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