Local Hero Miss Yuying


Yuying is originally from Jiangxi province south of China and currently living in Melbourne. She is a dedicated environmentalist. In her daily life, she tries to not use as less as possible disposal products like plastic bags, straws, takeaway cups. Also, she always shares her passion about life with people around her, shows them how they can make a better world by doing something simple acts of kindness, and encourages them to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle. During her university time, she joined a charity group called ‘Bring Me Hope’. Back then she was volunteering to help local orphans. Since September 2019, she became a volunteer of 51Give in Hainan. Her aim is to let people notice that being an environmentalist does not mean making a scene like protesting, shouting or something dramatic, it is a lifestyle that everybody can be engaged in by doing simple things like saving energy, eating less meat, and shopping less.

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