Local Hero Mr. Cao Lijun (Arnie)

Cao Lijun.jpg

1. Original from Hunan, born in the 1980s, has been working in Sanya since 2011.

2. Once engaged in food and beverage management, English training, now working in a joint venture. It is also closer to the dream of building an international tourism island in Hainan.

3. I like public welfare. Before I joined 51Give, I had many times of blood donation and had joined other environmental protection organizations to do public welfare activities. I usually pay close attention to the beach environment around Sanya, and I do not use plastic bags when I could use less plastic bags in daily life.

4. Starting from July 2019, I have led 51Give local and international volunteers in Sanya too rganize 8 environmental protection activities. I hope to work with more people from all walks of life to protect and build Hainan.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please add our group administrator WeChat and join our volunteer network.

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