Local Hero Mr. Fu Biao

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Mr.Fu Biao is now the leader of the 51Give Tangshan volunteer group. When Fu Biao set up the volunteer group, he was the only one. Through the publicity and marine protection activities in 2019, he developed five core group members. Fu Biao held beach cleaning activities at the Xiangyun Bay of Harbor Development Zone of Tangshan. About 20-50 volunteers participated in each activity. He aims to have everyone pay attention to environmental protection publicity, pay attention to marine environment protection, and participate in more voluntary activities of marine protection. After a year of hard work, 51Give Tangshan volunteer group held 8 beach cleaning activities with more than 200 volunteers participated and 200kg of garbage collected. Local employees and students from primary and secondary schools, tourists from Beijing and Tangshan have all given them great support. In the coming year, Fu Biao will work harder to lead his volunteer group to make more contribution to marine protection and 51Give.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please add our group administrator WeChat and join our volunteer network.

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