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Hello, my name is Philip, a South Sudanese who was born and raised in Uganda in East Africa but currently in Hainan Haikou studying Mechatronics engineering. I am a passionate youth with a vision to drive transformative change in the society and proffer lasting solutions to societal challenges. In Haikou I happen to participate in volunteering activities like orphanage visitation because I clearly know that children without families are the most vulnerable people in the world and through my local fellowship and the Global youth leaders forum in Haikou, we are able to visit the orphanage in Haikou every year and show the children and the elderly people the love of God through our donations, prayers and the entertaining moments we spend with them like singing and dancing together putting smiles on their faces.

Before coming to China formy university studies, I was a volunteer of nonprofit organization that help in engaging youth to build safer communities. Knowing that I can't emerge and make a difference by magic but by preparation which involves learning new skills by volunteering, I am more than excited to be part of the 51Give which is an amazing platform and I know for sure that with the Love I have for humanity and nature, I will be able to contribute in making Hainan and the world at a large a better place through the 51Give projects. Indeed, nothing is more fulfilling to the soul than doing a good deep.

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