Local Hero Ms. Yao Wenhui

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Ms. Yao Wenhui is a youth volunteer from Tianzhen County, Datong, Shanxi. Just after the establishment of Tianzhen Youth Volunteer Team in 2013, she frequently went to Beijing, Shandong and other places to participate in traditional culture studies, and returned to Tianzhen County to carry out traditional culture lectures and traditional culture into campus activities. In June 2016, the Tianzhen Love Team was established. She assisted the team leader in carrying out public welfare activities, visiting the elderly, helping poor families, caring for left-behind children, and paying attention to the life of veterans. She left a good impression that people could trust, and won a good reputation.

Ms. Yao feels that doing charities and promoting traditional culture are full of love and deep feelings. In the days to come, she will study harder, continue to promote traditional culture, protect the environment, and realize her value.

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