Local Hero Ms. Zhang Yan

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Ms. Zhang Yan, started from collecting a large number of clothes, children's study materials and daily necessities for the poor areas of Xinjiang, then she took her family and friends to do public welfare activities in 2014. Ms. Zhang established a team in April 2016: Zhang Yan’s Family, Love Studio. At present, the studio has more than 500 volunteers and organized more than 700 public welfare activities. Ms. Zhang has paid close attention to and helped the vulnerable groups for a long time. She led the studio to donate to the ethnic minority children and families in the poverty-stricken areas of Southern and Northern Xinjiang. She helped more than 50 poor middle school students, 10 poor college students one by one and served thousands of elderly people.

Ms. Zhang has spent more than 170,000RMB in cash at her own expense since she started to do public welfare, and the studio has spent more than 200,000RMB in cash. Ms. Zhang and her team have won provincial and municipal commendations and honorary titles many times.

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