Local Hero Miss Liu Liang


As a practitioner of environmentalism and advocating the protection of the limited natural resources of the earth with a simple lifestyle, she is a person who loves life, loves others, and helps friends. In the six years of working in an international youth hostel, she has provided enthusiastic service and helped backpackers from Russia, Europe, America, and the world. She encourages young people with poor lifestyles to try to pursue a life and health that can enrich the soul. She believes in the existence of God, so she has once independently undertaken the attempt to serve young people and provide the psychological support for the right life pursuit with the purpose of YMCA, the light of the world and the salt of the world.

She wants to be a writer, poet, and global traveler who is valuable to society. Through the criticism and excavation of words, she makes the world brighter.

She is an ordinary person, having the joys and sorrows of ordinary people, but she hopes to become a transcendental and tries to continue to widen the road. Let people care and love each other, and remove hatred and misunderstanding.

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