51Give Tangshan Love Action: ‘Protect the Ocean,Clean the Beach’


At 8:00 am on September19, 2020, 100 51Give Tangshan volunteers (including 30 children) came to the business incubator conference room of Peking University, at Longze Residential Community, Tangshan Harbor Development Zone for beaching cleaning preparation. Each volunteer present received a souvenir T-shirt and a volunteer hat for the activity.

Mr. Fu Biao, the Tangshan voluntary team leader, presided over the beach cleaning activity and explained the process and matters needing attention of beach cleaning. All volunteers were divided into four groups, each group was led by a team leader who was responsible for the process of this activity. The four team leaders came to the front desk, so that their group members could remember their faces.

Ms. Wang Shuchun, the volunteer representative, also made a speech and shared her thoughts on the charity activity of ‘Protect the Ocean, Clean the Beach’.

The volunteers headed for Xiangyun Bay before 9 o’clock and arrived at the beach cleaning location. Mr. Fu Biao led everyone to take the oath. After that, each volunteer group was led by the team leader to pick up marine garbage along the coastline and classify, weigh, and record the garbage collected. Volunteers cleaned up a total of 161 kg marine garbage, mainly including plastic packaging (beverage bottles, snack boxes), plastic foams, glass containers, fishing nets, tires, cigarette butts, tissues.

One volunteer group made a marine garbage mobile display with the garbage they collected to show people what marine garbage could be.

The marine knowledge award-winning question and answer session at the end of the activity was full of fun. Questions included whether the seahorse is born by the father or by the mother? How much area does the ocean occupy on the earth? and so on. Both adults and children were actively involved and answered the questions enthusiastically. The winners received a small prize for environmental protection.

Upon the activity completion, volunteers transported the garbage collected to the garbage station for classification and recycling. Mr. Fu Biao issued 51Give volunteer certificate to every volunteer and encouraged everyone to take part in the activities of marine environmental protection, so as to contribute to the protection of marine ecological environment!


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