Sanya Love Action: 'Protect the Ocean, Clean the Beach'!


At 8:30 a.m. on September 27, 2020, 51Give Sanya volunteers gathered at Guoling Road, Xiaodonghai. They held the 11th beach cleaning activity in Sanya organized by 51Give on a rocky beach at the end of Xiaodonghai nearby. A total of 15 volunteers participated in the beach cleaning activity, including 7 international volunteers from Russia and 8 Chinese volunteers. Since it was a working day, some volunteers applied for work leave and adjusted their working hours to participate in the activity.

Volunteers walked along the path between the rocks and picked up all kinds of garbage that had been piled up for a long time and was not easy to find. One hour later, the volunteers collected a total of 100 kg of garbage, including a fishing net, foams, plastic beverage bottles and miscellaneous waste, which was filled in 12 big garbage bags.

Upon the completion of the activity, the volunteers contacted the Sanya environmental protection hotline 12369 and the Sanya government hotline 12345 for support. The hotline received the disposal of garbage request and responded in a timely manner. The coordinated staff arrived 30 minutes later and handled the garbage.

Volunteers selflessly contribute their time and efforts, and affect the people around them with love. Hope more and more people will join us to protect the environment and protect the ocean, and to make Sanya more beautiful.


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