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51Give 16.10.2020

At 8:00 am on October 13, 2020, 51Give Tangshan volunteer Mr. Li Shaojiang went to the Cultural Park of Laoting County, Tangshan to carry out the publicity exhibition activity of ‘Protecting the Ocean, Cleaning the Beach’ with the publicity and exhibition display racks, hanging posters and mobile display materials made of marine garbage. People who did morning exercises and played in the park came to watch the exhibition.

Shortly after the activity, the volunteer received a notification from the security guard of the park that it was not allowed to make exhibition in this park. After coordination with the Neighborhood Committee of Maoyuan Residential Community near the park, the volunteer could continue the publicity exhibition in the garden of the residential community. Through the exhibition, the volunteer popularized marine protection knowledge and marine garbage situation to the public to arouse more people's environmental awareness and action.




As it was a Tuesday, there were not many people in the garden of the residential community. The residents who passed by for morning exercises and from night shift visited the publicity exhibition. Some residents asked the volunteer questions and the volunteer explained one by one. Some residents put forward their own ideas and the volunteer took notes. The exhibition ended at 10:30 and a total of 50 residents watched the exhibition. One resident signed up to join the 51Give Tangshan volunteer team.




Next time, we aim to do it better!  


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