Local Hero  Miss Yang Ruicheng


Yang Ruicheng(Rainie)is an actress and is the second runner up of Miss global tourism(China) from 2019 - 2020. Her representative works are   "Who stolemy wifi", "Bar God Painting", "Wonderful Two Pairs Battle Hangzhou". She studied in Ningbo Shangying Film and Television Art Academy in high school. She won the second prize in the national speech contest and represented the school in the dance team competition "Flower Season" won the first prize in Ningbo. She also participated in the Shaw Yifu Theater: "Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the Communist Youth League", "We   "It's All Sharpshooters", "If I Die in War", etc.. In 2019, she played the family of an army officer in the original drama "choice" on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the national center for the performing arts. In the same year, she played a poverty alleviation member in the special program "China in the story" on the Spring Festival gala. She played secretary Liao in the CCTV TV series "where our dream began" and participated in many films and TV plays. She has filmed Vanke real estate advertisement, Lenovo smart robot TV advertisement, Oscar international jewelry promotion and Tmall Valentine's Day flower advertisement, etc...   During her career in the show business, she worked with the cast to help fund school fees for children in poor areas. For her, education is a very important experience for a person, and the two happiest things in her life are helping people in need get a better life and enjoying food (being a foodie).

In 2016, she studies in the University of the Arts London for Acting Shakespeare. While studying in the UK, she began to understand the local charity second-hand store culture, and hoped that such astore would appear in China one day, because it not only relieves the burden on people’s lives,   but also on the earth, and promotes low-carbon environmental protection and Long-term sustainable development~ Welcome like-minded friends advice, contact to discuss! May our country become stronger and more prosperous, and the world becomes more harmonious and beautiful.

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