51Give Tangshan Love Action —— I Speak for Marine Protection

51Give March 4, 2021

At the beginning of the Year of the Ox, 51Give Tangshan team launched a ten-day photo collection about "I Speak for Marine Protection" among volunteers. Volunteers called on everyone to protect the marine environment through online voices.

The sea is critical to our survival.

We get food from the sea, and we get the salt we need from the sea.

The sea also produces oxygen for us and absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide.

But now our sea is seriously polluted, a large amount of domestic waste is discharged into the sea, and there are even garbage islands found in the Pacific Ocean that accumulates a lot of plastic garbage.

Thanks to the 36 volunteers for their participation in this activity.

 Social work volunteers from Xingfuli Community, Dongying, Shandong.

Overseas student from Australia.

Volunteer from Technical University of Munich, Germany.

Dear friends, in order to protect the vast blue ocean, the wonderful marine creatures and the living environment of human beings, and create a more beautiful and harmonious home for people and animals, we propose:

1. Strive to be a green propagandist, inform our families, classmates, friends and social figures of the role and significance of "refuse white pollution and protect the blue ocean", so that everyone can act consciously.

2. Start from our daily life gradually, never throw plastic bags and other garbage, and handle with discarded plastic garbage bags in a centralized way for recycle use.

3. Persuade and help others not to throw away plastic garbage or other garbage everywhere. Whenever and wherever we find that others have left garbage, we should stop or persuade them to pick it up immediately.

4. Persuade families and friends to reduce the amount of garbage they throw away, and try to use non-toxic food packaging bags that can be used for a long time to replace plastic bags.

5. Participate in environmental protection related activities, such as marine waste monitoring, beach cleaning activities, and so forth.

In the new year, let's spare no effort to contribute to environmental protection!


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