51Give Jinzhou Love Action: ‘Protect the Ocean, Clean the Beach’

51Give March 11, 2021

The coastline of Jinzhou is 98 km long, stretching from Xingshan Tianqiao Street in the west to Daling River Estuary of Dayou Farm in the east. Along the coast, there are vast tidal flat wetlands, complex and diverse coastal landforms and deep-water harbors.

In order to protect the beautiful coastline of Jinzhou, environmental protection volunteers from Jinzhou joined 51Give's public welfare project of ‘Protect the Ocean, Clean the Beach’ in 2021.

On the afternoon of March 7, 2020, 23 51Give Jinzhou volunteers went to the beach near Bijia Mountain in Tianqiao Town, Jinzhou to carry out the first beach cleaning activity this year.

Ⅰ. Taking the oath

Miss Li led volunteers to take the oath, and organized each team leader to explain the beach cleaning process, safety precautions and assignment of tasks to volunteers.

The oath ceremony was like the bugle of charge, we will end the garbage spread on this beach. Let's go!

Ⅱ. Beach cleaning ongoing

At the beginning of the beach cleaning, volunteers were all over the beach.

The steep road could not stop the volunteers' footsteps.

The cold north wind could not drive away the volunteers' enthusiasm for beach cleaning.

Ⅲ. Team photo

The names of the volunteers are inscribed on the monument to protect the marine environment.

Ⅳ. Today's achievements

After three hours of hard work, 23 volunteers cleaned one km of beach and cleaned up a total of 55 kg marine garbage, mainly including plastic beverage bottles, plastic bags, fishing nets and foam floats. Volunteers transported the garbage collected to the garbage station for classification and recycling.  

Ⅴ. Group photo

Taking advantage of the monsoons and ocean currents, the floating garbage in the ocean continues to pile up on the beach. In order to protect the beautiful coastline of Jinzhou, those who care about environmental protection and full of love are welcome to join us!


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