51Give Tangshan Love Action

51Give April 8, 2021

On the afternoon of April 6th, 2021, the spring was in the air, the branches were sprouting, the birds were singing and the flowers were fragrant. 51Give Tangshan volunteer Mr. Fu Biao and Mr. Wang Lei held the publicity exhibition activity of ‘Protecting the Ocean, Cleaning the Beach’ at the square of Maoyuan Residential Community, Laoting County, Tangshan. The weather in the North was finally warm, and more and more people came out to stretch their legs and dance in their residential communities. The volunteers arranged 51Give's beach cleaning project display rack and marine protection publicity display rack in an eye-catching location, and the residents of the community who exercised nearby passed by in the small square to watch the exhibition.

From time to time, curious and interested residents of the community came to ask: What is this for? Does the ocean need to be protected? Isn’t the ocean just beaches? Is the marine pollution really so serious? How do we protect the ocean? Can we do something?

The volunteers provided answers for the residents: We are 51Give volunteers. The ‘Protecting the Ocean, Cleaning the Beach’ project initiated by 51Give mainly focuses on marine protection, including monitoring and collecting marine garbage at the seaside, carrying out marine protection publicity exhibitions in residential communities (just like today), and doing environmental protection lectures and education related work.

The ocean is not only sandy beaches, but also the marine life. The ocean is a huge ecosystem. Due to human pollution of the ocean, the ecosystem has been destroyed. Maine pollution is very serious, especially marine microplastics, which is harmful not only to marine life, but also to human beings. The ocean needs the protection from us. Ordinary people can also participate in our activities to protect the beautiful ocean, such as not using disposable items, reducing the use of plastic products, classifying domestic garbage, and participating in public welfare activities of marine protection.

While explaining, the volunteers distributed more than 20 marine protection brochures to residents of the community so that everyone could better understand the importance of marine protection.

From 13:00 to 16:00, through 3 hours of exhibition and publicity, a total of 50 residents of the community accepted the popularization of marine protection knowledge, and they had a certain understanding of marine protection. The residents welcomed us to hold more publicity activities of this kind, and were willing to help spread the knowledge of marine protection and the importance of marine protection.


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