Donation of Books to  No.1 Vocational and Technical School,  Xining, Qinghai

51Give April 28, 2021

On March 10, 2021, Beijing51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre (51Give) donated a batch of 2,021brand new books to No.1 Vocational and Technical School,Xining, Qinghai Province.

A brief introduction of the book is as follows:

Book name: Passport to Sulle tracce di Leonardo da Vinci in Toscana

Page: 96

Size: 13cmx9cm

Content: This book is the Italian and Chinese introduction of the Museums of Florence, Italy, both in pictures and texts. It integrates the knowledge of history, geography, art and humanities, and color printing. It is bilingual, easy to understand, lively and interesting.

Packing for express delivery

In mid-March, these books havebeen packaged and sent to No.1 Vocational and Technical School, Xining, QinghaiProvince as requested by donors.

We would like to thank all the anonymous donors for your contributions. In the Hindu epic ‘The Bhagavad Gita’, the highest form of charity is giving without expectation of return which includes giving anonymously. Your selflessness and love contributed to the success of this donation. Thank you so much!


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