51Give Tangshan Love Action

51Give October 18, 2021

In the morning of October 13th, 51Give volunteers carried the marine protection display banners and held the publicity exhibition of ‘Protecting the Ocean, Cleaning the Beach’ activity at the   Cultural Park of Maoyuan Residential Community, Laoting County, Tangshan.

At the activity site, volunteers showed people the types and hazards of marine garbage, garbage classification knowledge, the importance, purpose and ways of protecting the ocean, and how to join the 51Give volunteer team.

At the Cultural Park, 5 kids and their parents participated in the marine biology bag graffiti activity, and nearly 50 parents and their children came to visit. In the process of graffiti, the kids learned marine knowledge and enhanced their awareness of marine protection. The parents expressed their willingness to help promote and participate in marine protection activities together with their children.

Volunteers hope through this publicity campaign to call on people to protect the marine environment. Each of us should take action and the beach will become more beautiful!


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